Critical Principles For Successful Direct Email Marketing

Successful direct email marketing takes a little skill and some awareness about consumer behaviors and preferences. Do not let this scare you though; with a little help and direction you will be well equipped and on your way to implementing a successful email list marketing plan. To make things easy, lets talk about the top three critical principles for a successful approach. Follow these three and youll be ahead of the game.

First You need to have consistent access to new and fresh prospect lists. Clearly if you are using an outdated list, you are wasting your time. Outdated lists are one of the top reasons that direct bulk email list marketing campaigns fail. That is like sending mail to an RV park in the off-season after all the RVs have moved on to warmer weather. Dont find yourself always following one step behind. You may be wondering how old is too old if you have to ask, your list is probably too old.

Second Are you using subject lines that inspire and attract consumers to open your emails? If not, why would they not just delete your email? Spice up your ad copy and make it fresh. The more compelling you can be in your approach, the greater likelihood of success. Make people want to read your email, want to see your optimized ad copy, and be interested in your message. Have you examined the type of words you are using? Are you clever or new, or just another email message that can go unread? Make your message such that not opening the email would be a loss to the recipient.

And Third You need to be consistently broadcasting your emails at precise time intervals. Repetition is what gets your name noticed. It takes seven times for a person to remember or recognize your name. If you are not getting yourself out there over and over, it is no surprise that people are not noticing. Continually showing up is what separates those that succeed from those that do not. Just as the old adage goes consistent effort is 90% of success, and consistent presence is 90% of sales. So make sure you get the most out of your email contact list.

While these three principles might not sound like rocket science, often it is the simple advice we forget to take. Employing these three strategies will alter your business success for the better. Be bold, be consistent, and be current.