Information technology career Hardware Courses

The term Hardware is used to describe the physical part of a device, essentially a computer. It includes disk drives, integrated circuits, display screens, cables, modems, speakers, and printers. The hardware professionals serve the purpose of work related to these areas. Hardware is the heart and soul of a computer as it cannot run without these parts. Computer hardware engineers play a vital role in the development of computers and its proper functioning. Hardware courses are mostly offered with networking in India which is a popular course among IT aspirants, known as hardware and networking course. The duration of such courses can be from 8 to 12 months depending on the institute. Some part time hardware courses are offered by some institutes which provides students about the basic knowledge on hardware parts. Hardware courses can offer advance knowledge and skill on hardware technologies like A+, Advance A+, Data Recovery, and System Virtualization etc.The basic eligibility to hardware courses is 10+2 or a graduation. Hardware courses like BCA and MCA are mostly popular among people. A course in computer hardware gives knowledge on how to assemble computers to make them efficiently work.

Computer Hardware professionals can find a place in organizations that are involved in Hardware development. Both public and private sectors can give them placement. Hardware engineers are always on high demand as they have to take care of all software related work as well since they have knowledge on that. So a hardware person has the advantage to combine his skills with networking patterns which will give him better scope in the field.

Today, businesses are computer based, in every organization day to day works are carried out through computers. Everything is computerized today. Naturally, all the companies need professionals to take care of their systems. These professionals can altogether manage, upgrade,maintain and customize computer systems. Because of this obvious reason, there is no lack of job opportunities in the field of hardware and networking. Sectors like banking, education, media, films, entertainment, animation employ hardware professionals.

A fresher in the field can earn between Rs.5000 to Rs.8, 000 per month. A couple of years experience will add more amount. Computer professionals with engineering degrees or MCA qualification can have excellent income.

Some of the popular hardware institutes to be followed – Vag infotech computer education and training Center, New Delhi DUCAT Noida, Uttar Pradesh Kware Training Academy, Mumbai Avera Academy, Maharashtra Compufield Computer Institute, Maharashtra Florence Education, New Delhi The PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh

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