Mimecast Email Management

If you like the majority of IT Managers out there havent yet decided to go to a hosted Exchange environment yet know at some point you will need to migrate to Exchange 2010 or a lesser version Exchange migration, however, are putting it off then help is at hand. Mimecast has become a hugely popular Saas (software as a service) over the past three to four years, rivalling traditional email management and security vendors such as Websense and Clearswift.

Law firms, insurance and financial companies have been quick to take advantage of the Mimecast Unified Email Management service in their pursuit of email archiving and email continuity should an Exchange server falter. Now Mimecast is looking to broaden its customer base through its certified reseller partners and will sell its services independently of one another. So if you are using Clearswift or Websense for email filtering and require email archiving then through its reseller partners Mimecast will sell you this service to use in combination with your existing products. Despite the growing demand for hosted services the vast majority of UK organisations still prefer to use on-premise solutions so far from becoming redundant, traditional web and email filtering solutions from the likes of Websense and Clearswift are still hugely popular. As IT Managers learn more about hosted solutions the take up increases and there are no doubt benefits such as dramatically reducing day to day administration overheads.

Email is a business critical tool and therefore treated with great care, which is why hosted Exchange is being approached with caution, however, there is little doubt take up will continue to increase and it will become an extremely viable choice in the coming years. It was not long ago that email archive requirements were met by using software or appliance solutions, however, its becoming much more common for UK organisations not only to consider hosted alternatives, but actually go on to buy them. If you have a planned or ongoing email archive project or are looking to underpin an Exchange migration you would not go far wrong in taking a serious look at Mimecast, which has recently split its core service to provide exactly what its customers want.