Emtek Door Hardware

Emtek Products sells distinctive hardware for doors and cabinets. Emtek is a company based out of California. Emtek sells beautiful custom hardware at the lowest price. Emtek is well known for their quick shipping and 2-5 day turnaround for orders.

Why should I buy Emtek Hardware?

Emtek door knobs, Emtek door handles and Emtek lock sets all come with a limited lifetime warranty. Rustica Hardware offers: 1-LIFETIME warranty on all mechanical parts 2-LIFETIME warranty on all finishes for ALL Emtek products. 3-Guaranteed 100% satisfaction on ALL your Emtek orders

What makes Emtek products so sought after?

Emtek is one of the most known names in decorative hardware. As an Emtek dealer, Rustica Hardware knows your needs for unique door knobs, door levers and cabinet hardware and we work closely with Emtek to ensure your orders are custom made at a standard price. -UNIQUE HARDWARE -ESTABLISHED COMPANY -CUSTOM OPTIONS -QUICK SHIPPING -LARGE VARIETY TO CHOOSE FROM

What are some of the top selling Emtek products?

The following are Emtek locks, door levers, door knobs, and cabinet knobs that are most requested from the Emtek hardware line: 1- EMTEK REMINGTON: Our Emtek Remington entrance handle set in medium bronze with the sandcast bronze Durango Lever is designed to look like a $900-$1200.00 handle set, but costs under $300.00 when purchased at Rustica Hardware.com. 2- EMTEK EGG KNOB: The Emtek Egg Knob Sandcast Bronze in Silver Patina has a very nice “beefy” feel to it. It has a masculine feel to it , yet is a designer door knob. 3- EMTEK CORTINA LEVER

The Emtek Cortina Door Handle in Oil Rubbed Bronze is a classic door lever available in 7 designer finishes. 4- EMTEK DEADBOLTS: Our Emtek deadbolts are extremely secure and are also available in 13 different finishes. 5- EMTEK BELMONT LANDCASTER: The Emtek Belmont Landcaster combination is a favorite because of the beautiful design patterns in the Landcaster rosette. 6- EMTEK BEADED OVAL PLATE KNOB: Beaded oval is a difficult knob to manufacture without looking detail. Emtek offers attention to detail in all their door and cabinet hardware. 7- EMTEK GLASS DOORKNOB

Fashionalbe and adorable! The glass door knob adds classic old world style to your doors. 8- EMTEK TWIG PULLS: A top selling cabinet pull, perfect for cabins and rustic homes. The Sandcast Bronze twig pull is detailed to look like a real twig was pulled out of the forest! 9- EMTEK GLASS CABINET KNOBS: Like the glass doorknobs, these glass cabinet knobs look like jewelry for your home. 10-EMTEK WROUGHT ENTRANCE HANDLESET : The wrought steel line is a favorite for exterior doors because the finish never wears.