The Cons of Buying a Satellite TV for PC Programs

Satellite TV for PC programs are fast gaining acceptance worldwide and the usage has been steadily increasing over the past few years as it is cheap, efficient, and convenient. However, this type of software also has pros and cons like any other product on the market. In this article I would like to focus on the latter.

1.Appalling picture and audio quality Most satellite TV to PC programs suffer from poor quality visual and sound. Grainy images and distorted high-pitch noises are some of the common issues plaguing this type of software. I know this for a fact as Ive purchased a total of four different satellite TV on PC programs for the past year. Thankfully my bad streak came to a halt on the fourth and final purchase.

2.Worthless channel selection The software providers claim to offer heaps of channels so you can experience the sheer variety of shows enjoyed by many cable/satellite TV owners. In reality, most if not all the channels being offered are next to worthless. Lets face it; most people are into TV entertainment such as sports, films, soaps, cartoons, and up-to-date news. Therefore its imperative that you find a program that has top of the line channels from well known big guns like ESPN, Discovery, CBS, NBC, etc. Fact remains that most satellite TV on PC programs contain channels that are not worth watching.

3.Excess Baggage Another major setback with this kind of software is that they are laden with spyware and adware which can cause serious damage to your computer. This is a problem prevalent mostly among free programs although there are quite a few paid ones carrying the excess baggage as well.

4.Slow loading time The first two programs I bought suffered from extremely slow loading time. Truth is, many satellite TV on PC programs load at the speed of a two-legged turtle due to either poor programming or low-rate connection.

5.Constant crashes Another big downer and this could be attributed to the fact that most satellite TV to PC software are built on an unstable programming platform which can lead to repeated crashes.

Although this kind of program has a number of discouraging aspects, please do not deprive yourself from giving it a try as I believe they are one of the best software that modern technology has to offer in recent years. The trick is to find the right satellite TV on computer program which bear none of the issues I highlighted above. Cheers!