What to do if your Hotmail Account is Hacked – Hotmail Email Support

Hotmail now known as Outlook.com is one of the pioneering email clients on the World Wide Web. With millions of users around the world, this platform is definitely on the list of leading email service providers for decades. In spite of its secure systems, there are times when some vulnerable email accounts tend to get hacked unknowingly. If you believe that you are one of them, here are a few things you must follow –

If you are lucky enough to still have access to your account, first thing to do is to change your password. If you aren’t able to sign in, visit the Windows Live Hotmail website sign-in page and click on -Forgot your Password-. You should be able to get in through your alternate ID.

While you are working on this, also change and update the secret question and answer that you use to recover your password.

Also make it point to change the alternative email address that you use for your Hotmail account.

If you are unable to gain access into your account to make changes to your password, secret question and answer and other things; it is ideal to get help from a reliable . The team will ask you for your current email address and provide you the right resources to help you recover your account. However, it is strongly recommended that you first try the above mentioned methods before calling the .

Furthermore, if you are suspecting any kind of identity theft through your hacked Hotmail ID, here are the things you should consider –

Contact your credit card company if you have provided this information on your email account. The sooner you are able to get in touch with the company, the fewer the risks of having it compromised. Furthermore, they will be able to take the necessary steps to protect you.

Also ask your tech support team to help you get in touch with an Anti-Phishing Group. They will be able to help make sure that your email address is not put through any risks of phishing scams. With some common sense and diligence, you will not only be able to recover your email, but also protect your information and prevent future risks of getting hacked. It is important to have a reliable tech support team by your side for such contingencies.